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"Believe what you believe."

The Dirt Bike Detective Series

The Dirt Bike Detective Kids
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Book #1
The Dirt Bike Detective

The 2022 re-release of the first book
in the series with new cover art.
Book #1
The Dirt Bike Detective

Limited First Edition Hardcover
Collector's Copy
Book #2
The Beast in the Shadows
The long-awaited sequel in The
Dirt Bike Detective series
soon to be released on February 14, 2023!




"Hoover presents a sprawling world populated by charming heroes, like Jaclyn, and lovable oddballs, like Eduard (an eloquently snooty math whiz). Hoover also creates fragile, heart-stopping moments that launch his narrative above the average kids’ adventure … his narrative is a concert of striking events and complex emotions.

A remarkable debut enlivened by heroic portions of silliness, spirit, and depth."  

— Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"...Hoover combines outstanding characterization and a vivid narrative to create a poignant and delightful young adult mystery novel."

— BlueInk Review

"This young adult mystery features fast-paced action, a complex maze of clues, and high stakes, all leading to a satisfying, cinematographic climax."

— Foreword Reviews

"Move over Hogwarts and Harry Potter! There's a new school with a lot of mysterious events going on and there's a new kid who is as much a hero as Harry, only he's a detective, not a wizard...There are only bad stories, okay stories, and great stories. This one is great."  

— Readers' Favorite (Five Stars)

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"I feel like I cannot say enough positive things about this book and I am hoping for more to come from Hoover. I would definitely award The Dirt Bike Detective by Douglas L. Hoover 4 out of 4 stars. I look forward to seeing this book (and many more) on the shelves one day."  

— Online Book Club

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About the Author

Doug Hoover is a Colorado native who is rumored to possess superhuman powers of imagination far beyond those of mortal men. He maintains a secret identity by day, posing as a surfer/MMA fighter/rock star, but he becomes a writer by night—saving the world from reality, one story at a time. 




The Dirt Bike Detective white hardcover edition is sold out and will not be reprinted. Other formats of the book with the new cover design, including the audiobook, will still be available.


 The long-awaited Dirt Bike Detective sequel, "The Beast in the Shadows" is to be released on 2-14-2023.

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