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Book no.1

The Dirt Bike Detective

Ghosts, aliens, zombies, secret agents, and it’s only the first week of school—it’s going to be a long year.


This tale is told through the eyes of Oliver, a twelve-year-old boy, with a large birthmark on his right cheek, who desperately wants to fit in with his classmates.


When Oliver’s great grandfather’s pocket watch is confiscated at school, Raven Ridge Academy, the new kid, Chase, a budding detective, befriends Oliver and vows to help him get it back.


Chase assembles the talents of a small group of kids for the mission of reclaiming Oliver’s pocket watch, but little do they know what other deep, dark, and dangerous mysteries they will stumble upon during their investigations.


The new kid sports blond hair and thick eyeglasses. He carries a magnifying glass in his back pocket and rides a beat-up, black dirt bike. A self-proclaimed authority on paranormal activities, Chase convinces the other kids to go along with his theories in investigating the curious happenings at their school.


Oliver, who is skeptical, recounts this entire adventure much as Watson recounts those of Sherlock Holmes. All the while, Johnny Ricker, the local bully; Ana Rahela Balenovic, his academic rival; and Adam, his annoying little brother, constantly torment him.


And then there is Jax, the girl of his dreams, with long black hair, electric blue eyes, and chestnut-colored skin. He constantly thinks about her.


Oliver’s two friends—Eduard, a tall, geeky, black kid with glasses and Gio, a short, white kid with a prosthetic half leg—join Oliver and Chase on the adventure too.


Raven Ridge Academy, looking very much like a giant red castle, lies just outside the small town of Raven Ridge, located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The town is secluded in a rural setting with open ranches and farms.


In the woods near the outskirts of town lies a hidden tree house that the core group of kids uses as their headquarters for their meetings about paranormal investigations.


What begins as the simple task of reclaiming Oliver’s pocket watch swiftly turns into a full-fledged investigation into the many paranormal happenings at Raven Ridge Academy. Danger chases the kids as they uncover many secrets surrounding their school.


As the kids delve further into their investigation, they find themselves caught in a web of trouble with their own lives in peril, the fate of the world possibly at stake, and time running out. Will the kids solve the mystery before it’s too late?


The Dirt Bike Detective is an epic and entertaining tale for the entire family, combining endearing characters, intricate mysteries, humor, and excitement for all ages.


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